Monday, 11 August 2014

mm card kits?

Ok I know a lot of you crafter's are probably shouting at your laptops now... but, card kits don't mean someone is cheating.  They can add their own embellishments, change the style and design of the card... the list goes on.

I've used the following for some cards made for charity, these mainly use the items from the kit, others to follow will be used alongside other products.

This particular set is from Hobbyhouse

It can be a fun set for both the novice card maker and the pro.. so don't be a card kit snob... we still have time to get inky :)


  1. I agree totally, card kits are the starting block.... you can just stay simple, or get the inks and glitters out, change the shapes, whatever you like...let the creativity flow :) Great selection of cards, and as for little Rambo and his big brother Sam, what can I say ? Both gorgeous boys, keep the pics coming xx

  2. Thankyou so much Anne. I will be boring fb with pics if Sam and Rambo x

    1. I like your cards so much that I bought the kit :o) xx